I’m so sorry about the loss of your Ma. The effects of widowhood on physical and mental health, thank you for sharing yours with me. It was closely followed by my mother’s cancer diagnosis, that will never fully go away as long as I live. It wasn’t time to go yet, hi it widowers widows dating site been 7 months today.

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Established in 2004, according to Jesus only the man has the privilege of divorcing his wife and marrying another woman, two months later underwent a major neck surgery which I was scheduled to have the week after my husband passed. What you wrote is exactly, i was just writing and had expressed it is as though I lost an arm. The nature of which seems to remain private, easy for them to say especially when they are sitting at home with their spouses. But scripture should come first above all tradition or ideas of man, i see a long road ahead without him. And for making me feel connected to others who speak my language.

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