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ARMYAMERICA’S FIRST NATIONAL INSTITUTIONSince its official establishment, June 14, 1775 — more than a year before the Declaration of Independence — the U. Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of the American nation. This engraving, created by French artist François Xavier Habermann, shows a view of the Boston Harbor, circa 1776. Thomas Gage, the commander in chief of British forces in North America and royal governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, invoked the new law in October 1774 and dissolved the provincial assembly. In response, colonists formed their own alternative government — the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, which controlled the entire colony outside of Boston — and prepared for a possible military confrontation with the forces that occupied the capital.

Abbey, illustrates a reality of American politics in 1774-1775. For many colonists, the revolutionary spirit was forged in dialogue with their friends and neighbors. Small gatherings afforded an opportunity to air concerns and share ideas for the best response to increasingly offensive British regulation.

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