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The geology of Tasmania is complex, with the world’s biggest exposure of diabase, or dolerite. Axis scale is in millions of years ago. Older rocks from western Tasmania and King Island were strongly folded and metamorphosed into rocks such as quartzite. In the Permian period, conditions were again glacial and the Tasmania basin formed, with low sea levels in the Triassic.

A giant intrusion of magma happened in the Jurassic forming diabase, or dolerite which gives many of the Tasmanian mountains their characteristic appearance. The oldest rocks in Tasmania from the Precambrian form several blocks. Adamsfield-Jubilee Element in the south central to south coast. The island’s oldest rocks seem to have originated when that part of the island was attached to western North America. Analysis of monazite and zircon in rocks of the ancient Rocky Cape Group in north-west Tasmania found that they are between 1.

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