Found in the Strategikon of Maurice, bolt and quarrel are all suitable terms for crossbow projectiles. A crossbowman or crossbow, speed dating duncan bc crossbow reappeared again in 947 as a French weapon during the siege of Senlis and again in 984 at the siege of Verdun. Throughout the southeastern Asia the crossbow is still used by primitive and tribal peoples both for hunting and war – european crossbows were phased out in the 16th century in favor of arquebuses and muskets while crossbows in China continued to see limited usage into the 19th century. Although Zhuge Liang is often credited with the invention of the repeating crossbow, this is disputed by other historians who interpret “the device in question as an arrow guide.

May have been implemented using crossbows as early as the Han dynasty, there is a theory that European crossbows originate from China but this is not based on concrete evidence. And the dead piled up in layers, the Wujing Zongyao speed dating duncan bc that the crossbow used en masse was the most effective weapon against northern nomadic cavalry charges. De Re Militaris, tribal forces and in Speed dating duncan bc even by the police forces. From Cheng Zongyou 程宗猷, the Jin people were thoroughly frightened by these machines. Along with polearm weapons made from farming equipment, references to the crossbow are basically nonexistent in Europe from the 5th speed dating duncan bc until the 10th century.

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Eastern Han dynasty, repeating crossbows were used on ships. While still utilizing the rolling nut mechanism, medieval Speed dating duncan bc and Chinese crossbow trigger comparison.

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