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Please forward this error screen to vm149. This article needs additional citations for verification. Northwood” and “Willamette” feature an external Front-Side Bus that runs at 100 MHz and is 64-bits wide, but is also quad-pumped, thus giving 3. The Intel “Northwood” i850 chipset with dual-channel RD-RAM can provide 3. The “Presler” has an 800 MHz front-side bus, 64-bits wide, capable of transferring 6.

This is the name given to the 20-stage instruction pipeline within the Willamette core. This is a significant increase in the number of stages when compared to the Pentium III, which had only 10 stages in its pipeline. With this technology, the two ALUs in the core of the CPU are double-pumped, meaning that they actually operate at twice the core clock frequency.

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8 GHz processor, the ALUs will effectively be operating at 7. Within the L1 cache of the CPU, Intel incorporated its Execution Trace Cache. It stores decoded micro-operations, so that when executing a new instruction, instead of fetching and decoding the instruction again, the CPU directly accesses the decoded micro-ops from the trace cache, thereby saving considerable time.

The replay system is a little-known subsystem within the Intel Pentium 4 processor. Its primary function is to catch operations that have been mistakenly sent for execution by the processor’s scheduler.

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