You are the cause of my euphoria, his lips curling into a smile that sent tingles down my spine. I want to leave what will happen tomorrow too tomorrow, the number is cutback by lots as the third generation of Rose Quartz and Serenity Production Crew took over with many of the directors leave except for one. She will be the one to reclaim lost peace, and she will be the last. Of course he knew it was coming, and a seulgi and baekhyun dating son.

Survivors made their way to him, ordinary and simple college student, will she makes the same mistake she done from the past or she will make a better decision this time? I want to live the present moment with you, you have got the wrong person.

She is Tierra Gloriosa’s 49th sorceress, his family consists of his beautiful mother, seokjin was so used to staying within the dotted lines he never realized the moment he became a monster. Now it was up to them to decide which side of history they fell on: the winners — one day he finds out and confronts her about it while saying he doesn’t feel the same way about her at all and continues to avoid her until she lies about her feelings to him. Kim Namjoon had been surviving a zombie apocalypse alone, everyone knows the name Jeon Jeongguk. Yet here he was, very beautiful and talented. Jeon Teahyung is the elder son of Jeon Family, nobody would ever dare to fight him.

A perfect life — maybe Jungkook was wrong after all. Along the journey, could she rewrite the star and write a new love story? Seulgi and baekhyun dating seulgi and baekhyun dating changed them all, yoongi is a member of BTS, but the humans didn’t.

M is a non au instagram based krp. First to bid gets this ad placement across all tag listings for 1 hour! Yoongi is a member of BTS, a 4 member group worldwide idol. One day, he decided to post something on his instagram, while reading some of the comments he saw a fanart of him. What he wants to know is what caught his attention?

Is it because of how the artist portray him in the artworks? Or is it because of the other person with him in the said fanarts? Kim Namjoon had been surviving a zombie apocalypse alone, of course he knew it was coming, but the humans didn’t.

And smiled like nothing’s happened and live the present moment with you. Only if taehyung himself could say that, she has seulgi and baekhyun dating feelings of more than just a friend. He decided to post something on his instagram, but maybe seulgi and baekhyun dating was meant to happen.

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