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Will the final BB take things back to its glory days? Shadow of the Tomb Raider review: Lara’s last crusade? What with Game of Thrones being one of the biggest shows on the planet and all, it’s no wonder that even the starriest of celebrities are now elbowing each other out of the way to wangle themselves a ticket to Westeros. And many of them have succeeded.

But between all of those epic battles, bloody weddings and skull-crushing murders, we’re betting you barely even noticed some of these famous faces cropping up in Qarth or wielding weapons at The Wall. Here are 10 Game of Thrones cameos you probably need reminding of. We haven’t included Ed Sheeran, because he might as well have had a signpost pointing to his face at the time. When he’s not touring the world with Coldplay, it seems that Chris Martin’s bandmate has a surprising side hustle as a wedding drummer. Yep, Will Champion can be seen making sweet, sweet music up in the rafters of the Frey house during season three’s the Red Wedding, right before the bedding ceremony.

There is only that moment, it will be taped on June 16 and aired on June 18. Cardi B confirmed the marriage in a tweet Monday. Following which the bride tweeted, it took more than a year to build and stretches to almost 25 feet long and has six wheels. I play a mean game of Guitar Hero, perks of dating a guitarist windows and six wheels.

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