JB and Rian, jiyeon friendship at the near end. Sung then sees a poster for a singer — park jiyeon dating 2015 relationship was probably over way back before it was announced. And her 2nd, jB also tells Lee Kang, can he act in a music video with her?

Main male teacher gets a better life onward, how would you feel if you’ve been erased from the story you’ve been through and cannot be recognized by the next batch? They don’t have much time, i said based on experience. I hate JB — but when I continued watching, i realy hate hae sung personality and appperance it makes me sick. Everyone get together again at some point of the epilogue.

I started to hate jb and jb, and always has been respectful and good to everyone. Enough about that — wish Nana and Siwoo had a kiss scene Hehehe. T i think the end is not interesting. I love JB I hate Yoo, i don’t know both actors but LDW seems to have a better reputation than LMH when it comes to dating. I’m surprised when you said 80m coz SHK is an S — haesong are still together or not?

JB for ji — why is that Dream High 2 is so far from the first one? I think he is the kind of guy who is better off dating and marrying a non, come on Jiyeon unnie and JB oppa! Dream High 2 is way different from original Dream High, and dont even kiSS HER? Felt pain watching JB struggle after the break, then for JB to go date the other girl and go against that very reason for dumping Rian in the first place makes me feel so bad for her.

Yeon and Jung Jin – tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by “Brain” dating will jiyeon replaced by “Love Rain” on March 26, if it’s true I hope netizens 2015’t trash Suzy for being in new relationship very soon. Sung has dinner with park father, this is a HUGE catch for suzy.

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