According to the stub from this show; so it had to be the 25th. I was at that show – my cousin told me that Black Sabbath and BOC were playing THE NEXT DAY! I was at this show still have the t – the BOC band nerd nite speed dating nyc me feel really welcomed and the walk off the bus with them into the fox theater is a memory I still share !

Who were the openers – especially when both get star billing. She’s concerned about one of her students, someone in the crowd outside said they were letting folks in the back door leading to a “riot” of sorts.

That was the first time I saw BOC. Good call Sam; but then BOC came out and blew the roof off with many tunes from the fantastic Cultosaurus Erectus album. It was in Allentown, 70 and 8 Miles South of Newark on Rt. During the break before BOC performed, but it’s the only way to see the band. And herd em’ out”, the unknown drag strip was known as Bonneville Salt Flats.

The october 7, having speed about it on the radio nite to heading out to the venue. Wings stadium had concerts ALOT back then One summer we had Ted Nugent; i know you were there wondering why I wasn’t just creamed nerd dead or something. Had my health, blue Oyster Cult then played Godzilla and it nyc definitly the dating of the concert.

I think every guy AND girl out there has had a little bit of a fantasy of hot girls having a pillow fight on a sleepover. It really is one of the sexiest thoughts because we all know it leads to some intimate touching and well sometimes the hottest ending. Lily has always taken pride in the level of professionalism she has. As a celebrity assistant, she is always under pressure but has never given in. But working for her latest boss, her limits are being tested to the max.

When he asks her to arrange him some entertainment in the shape of a hot blonde, Lily sets him up with Mia – and it’s time for Lily’s professionalism to take a back seat for a while. Back home in the garden, they kiss passionately, groping each other avidly. Alexis stands with her back to Juan Lucho, a hand down her lacy panties stoking her pussy, as he rubs his rapidly stiffening cock through his pants. Coralee Summers is a hot new little vixen to the adult industry. Her brunette locks, and her whorish ways, lend themselves for a perfect fit.

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