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methods for dating artifacts

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Until quite recently, the famous Harappan civilization of the Indus valley has been an enigma. Many questions still remain about the identity of the people who created this great ancient civilization. Sarasvati River basin in green and archaeological sites as black dots. What is perhaps most puzzling about it is the fact that all major sites spread over this immense belt went into sudden decline and disappeared more or less simultaneously. From this it is apparent that the Harappans, though inhabiting a vast area, fell victim to a sudden calamity which forced them to seek shelter in other parts of ancient India.

The usual explanation found in history books is that the inhabitants of the Harappan cities were driven out by the invading Aryans. The evidence against any such invasion is now far too strong to be taken seriously. From all this it is clear that the loss of these sites must have been associated with some natural catastrophe.

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