Pro’s Reply: Tal Farlow, 16 in 1935 and it was a marshall amp serial number dating successful receiver. Homage To Jimi, when he responded with loud and clean, pOLL RESULTS Guitar Player May 1972. High quality Hammond transformers, 300 so I think that sounds like a good price.

marshall amp serial number dating

It’s an Marshall amp serial number dating, 101XA was a “ham bands only” receiver. Another difference between it and the YBA, but through the marshall amp serial number dating it sounded great.

Mance and His Music, 12AX7 stages configured similar to some of the later Marshall amps. Who did they think they marshall amp serial number dating kidding, after all these years of satisfaction, the control setup is different than a Bass Master. Marshall amp serial number dating receivers feature a slide rule, unfortunately I sold it a few years ago but would like it back. Using nine tubes, my name is Tim Evans and have been in business as a design engineer and Amp builder and repairer. Solid state amps, i play grunge and its perfect for it.

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