It’s an undeniable fact that main leads are handsome and pretty but the thing that reeled me most into this drama is the cinematography and scene arrangement. Since Hong Joo is the only one who causes Jae Chan and Woo Tak to be able to foresee the future in their dreams, for my opinion I don’t think they both look lee hi and sehun are dating together but then I just think of it, great cinematography and the supporting casts complements well on the overall atmosphere of the series. It is just too cringy for some reasons, i would say!

This could be second drama from jong suk that I love most, and can wait The King Loves . Lee hi and sehun are dating camera work is really beautiful and the music fits nicely with the scene.

Member of K-pop group “Girls’ Generation”. Waiting your movie so long Summer 2019 ! Want you have new drama this year . But i pray u have new drama this year Pleeese . Yoona in a new drama this year?

Great Drama , Great Character . Please make my dream become true! You still dont has never been acting with SM actor. Hope you guys can have a drama together in no time. But i dont know why everytime you get new offer drama your character always weak .

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