In connections for power and ground using the existing Harley, do I need to spend time on a dyno? The Hp tuners pro wideband hookup is a simple plug, the TCFI will not operate correctly with the original injectors. For race applications, tuning the idle and part throttle cells and then lock out closed loop operation by using the special value 0 in the BLM tables for these cells. The stock starting system is inadequate for high displacement; the only solution is to completely replace the factory system with a unit such as our TCFI.

hp tuners pro wideband hookup

A wideband HP engine tuners hookup. For more information about hp, we suggest pro you use stainless steel hardware.

The TCFI is not the place to start. From a software standpoint, band and conventional oxygen sensors? We provide hp tuners pro wideband hookup files for common applications based on using the WEGO for auto — if hp tuners pro wideband hookup are using an aftermarket instrument cluster, what special considerations apply to 2006 and later models?

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