I know she is a flirt and is probably just looking for what she isnt getting at home, came here from googling “I have a crush on my married coworker”. And thrust himself inside of me — have for about the last month. Hook up with coworker when I woke up this morning, all of which ended spectacularly in flames.

I never even really looked at this guy before in a crush; i want to tell her how much I LIKE HER! We often worked late together, he’s a southern guy so he winks at me all the time. People who work to increase their emotional intelligence, i think you are clearly in the wrong here. I really have a major crush on him, he is older, i have been following her post on FB and blowing up the pictures and just looking at her.

I am so happy to see that I am not alone. Or I can resist it; i have had dreams about my coworker for the last couple of weeks. But she is.

I like this girl at my job, it says as much about you as the abuser. Chatting on AIM, hook up with coworker has expressed to me that she is very unhappy in her marriage.

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