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The first transcontinental rail passengers arrived at the Pacific Railroad’s original western terminus at the Alameda Mole on September 6, 1869 where they transferred to the steamer Alameda for transport across the Bay to San Francisco. The road’s rail terminus was moved two months later to the Oakland Long Wharf about a mile to the north. The transcontinental line was popularly known as the Overland Route after the principal passenger rail service that operated over the length of the line until 1962. Building a railroad line that connected the United States coast-to-coast was advocated in 1832 when Dr.

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Enquirer advocating building a transcontinental railroad from Lake Michigan to Oregon. In 1847 he submitted to the U. The official poster announcing the Pacific Railroad’s grand opening. Congress agreed to support the idea.

Under the direction of the Department of War, the Pacific Railroad Surveys were conducted from 1853 through 1855. These included an extensive series of expeditions of the American West seeking possible routes. The report failed however to include detailed topographic maps of potential routes needed to estimate the feasibility, cost and select the best route. In order to maintain our present position on the Pacific, we must have some more speedy and direct means of intercourse than is at present afforded by the route through the possessions of a foreign power.

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