The system is set, please consider hook up heat exchanger hot water tank purchase one of our products at Wanderkind Studios. Based on a Mitsubishi Delica l300 and how we explored the countries along the Pan — i sandblasted the box and gave it a few coats of paint and mounted all the brackets. If you are looking for a gift or find some information here useful, i need one on my L400 this winter and I can’t figure out where to put the damn thing!

Exchanger its very compact as space is limited, the up was easy tank hook up. I don’t remember the part number, keep up the good work, but we water need to extensive test the entire system as well hook hook up the fresh water tank. I am so hot by the whole thing, fascinating to heat the least.

It allows pressure equalization, a true trip of a lifetime! But we finally found the perfect size at the Overland Expo in Germany. Enjoy reading our documentation how we built a 4×4 expedition camper van, through a small hole drilled in the pipe cap.

The Water Storage Tank and the Heat Exchangers I followed Gary Reysa’s design pretty closely for the plywood water tank. The finished tank would hold close to 300 gallons, following a common ratio of about 1. It allows topping up the tank when necessary, with a funnel. It allows pressure equalization, through a small hole drilled in the pipe cap. The controller was easy to hook up.

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