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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Now that’s a game I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time Monopoly: Star Wars was released by Hasbro on October 31, 1997 and was originally played on MSN Gaming Zone. In 2001, long before Zone itself shutdown in 2006, Monopoly: Star Wars vanished and was never seen again on any other gaming service.

A huge amount of work has gone into it, but the Mac version now works fine with Mac OS X 10. The minimum version of Mac OS X required is now 10. Unfortunately the same can not be said of many of the Mac games themselves that no longer work on the newer versions of Mac OS X. Impressive considering these are all real users, not piggybacking off Facebook or an App Store. 2014 is going to be an exciting year.

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If you’re able to, avoid upgrading for now if you want to keep playing. This is far more work and far more complicated than originally anticipated, so will take some time to complete. Congratulations everyone on being part of this! May the 4th be with you! Exciting times ahead as things get even bigger.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors’ 10th Birthday! Age of Empires II: The Conquerors turned 10 this week — it was released August 24, 2000. Come celebrate this weekend with a day of online gaming. If you’ve played a long time ago, or even if you’ve never tried it, come and get involved!

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