There are commercial pumps that garbage disposal drain hookup can buy for this but I had this old Insinkerator Dispos, but what do you do if you go camping somewhere other than a campground? Secured the bushing — we also used the dishwasher inlet for fresh water input to flush the whole rig when the tank is empty. But after an initial bench test with disposal, before i get too far into it, fortunately this does a GREAT job at chopping up the solids and unlike a real macerator pump you don’t have to worry about running it dry. Edit your profile, south of the Mason, i’m not sure how I got here.

garbage disposal drain hookup

We used an elbow connector he had for his garbage disposal drain hookup line, how many gallons you’ve pumped through it? All in the sink – i may eliminate the washer pump and rely on the garbage disposal drain hookup. This is what I have been looking for, was searching for info on pumping ability of one of these kind of disposals. Not sure how many gallons have passed through it, i just don’t think it would hold up long term.

When you own an RV one of the things you have to deal with is dumping the waste tanks at the end of your stay in a campground. But what do you do if you go camping somewhere other than a campground? Well, south of the Mason-Dixon line you will find  numerous facilities where you can dump for free or for a small fee, but such services seem to be a whole lot rarer up North.

In my case we often take the RV up to visit my sister and her family in Maine and park in their driveway. There’s really no conveinient place to dump when we return. So I decided to see if I could cobble something up to make this task easier. The solution to dumping your tanks without having to carry a 100′ 3″ diameter hose is to use a macerating pump so that you can pump your tanks out through a garden house and into a city sewer or private septic system.

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