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This article needs additional citations for verification. Aboriginal avoidance practices refers to those relationships in traditional Aboriginal society where certain people are required to avoid others in their family or clan.

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These customs are still active in many parts of Australia, to a greater or lesser extent. Avoidance relationships are a mark of respect. There are also strong protocols around avoiding, or averting, eye contact, as well as around speaking the name of the dead. In what is the strongest kinship avoidance rule, some Australian Aboriginal customs ban a person from talking directly to their mother in law or even seeing her. A mother-in-law also eats apart from her son-in-law or daughter-in-law and their spouse.

This relationship extends to avoiding all women of the same skin group as the mother-in-law, and, for the mother-in-law, men of the same skin group as the son-in-law. The age of marriage is very different for men and women with girls usually marrying at puberty while a man may not marry until his late 20s or even later.

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