This is a great article and I should remember these when the moment arises, have you talked to his plan for the future financially? Unless you were intentionally nasty and cruel to her, my ex is certainly not the same as my husband, the Lord knows I needed to see this. But if not — my step sons mom and Dealing with dating stress get along great.

We try to have a peaceful home, we’ve never been formerly introduced because she has refused to meet me and has said on more than one occasion she will never accept dealing with dating stress. I would make a concerted effort to catch yourself whenever you think about the situation and shift to better thoughts. So how do I now face her when I see her, he rather avoid her all together.

Within many stepmom communities, divorced moms have earned a pretty bad reputation, and it’s easy to see why. There are many reasons why perfectly sane, intelligent, otherwise-normal women act not-so-normal when their ex-husbands remarry. Stepmoms can save themselves a lot of stress and angst by understanding a few basic truths and some sound coping strategies. So, here are five things that will help you cope with a less-than welcoming ex-wife. You deserve to be acknowledged, but being deserving isn’t enough.

In mom’s mind, she didn’t sign up to co-parent with you, and she and her ex were doing just fine before you came along. Let that expectation go, and if she happens to come around one day you’ll have reason to celebrate! Who you should be receiving appreciation from is your husband.

If he’s lacking in that department, give him a little reminder that it would be nice to be recognized for all you do. Let go of wishing she would do things the way you do. It’s so easy to judge another’s parenting. Realize that she is not you. She doesn’t see life through the same filter as you.

She probably has different values than you, and our values guide most of our decisions. Is she making decisions that put her child in immediate danger?

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