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Army officer Amit Dwivedi – and planting the murder look like an accident. Facebook accounts, which he used to befriend women on popular dating sites, the investigators claimed, according to PTI. In around a couple of years ago. The woman, who had come out of a bad marriage, had become a close friend of Major Handa,” said a police officer, who is privy to the probe.

The woman was fully aware that Major Handa was married and also knew about Shailja Dwivedi, though she had not met her. The woman was called for questioning by the Delhi Police since she was the first person who was contacted by Major Handa after he allegedly killed Shailja. During her interrogation, the woman told them that Handa was in a fit a rage after killing Shailja. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police on Wednesday claimed that Handa had been misleading them even as he was being taken to Meerut to ascertain the places he had visited after committing the crime.

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