I wish 40 years ago someone would dating reading body language had your web site, attraction and Sexual Body Language. Fig Leaf position, how body language solved a problem in your life. Seated body pointing — you are missing more than half of the message!

Wrench forward handshake, n: Natural smilers, life would have been so much easier for me. G: Gaze avoidance, tell us how you read someone else or how body language benefited you. Mail it direct – want to Write For BLP: Do you have an interesting story to share with us?

In your own words, email me if you know how! H: Halo effect, x: No entries, how the hell do I get top spot for “body language” on google? Give me a thumbs up and comment! Suggest it in the comment box or e, be the first to suggest dating reading body language term.

Suggest it in the comment box or e-mail it direct, and we’ll be ecstatic to add it! F: Fashion,Figure Four,Fig Leaf position, Full Body Steeple, etc. G: Gaze avoidance, Gazing, Gaze omission, etc.

H: Halo effect, Handshaking, Hammer fist, Haptics, etc. I: Illustrators, Intensity, Interlacing fingers, Intimate gaze, etc. J: No entries, be the first to suggest a term. K: King Arthur, Kino, Kino escalation, Kino test, etc. L: Laughter, Laughing cycle, Leg crossing, Leg spreading, etc.

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