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This is your introduction to Nikolaev women and the home of some of the most beautiful Ukraine women in the world. The proof is in the picture and a quick search of Nikolaev women on our Search Engine or women’s profile pages at will convince any red blooded male that this city by the Black Sea is a premier destination for the single man looking to meet a wide variety of beautiful Ukraine women. Our social of Nikolaev women will be held in the early afternoon on Sunday and the group will spend two magical nights in this provincial city by the water giving you the opportunity to explore your many dating options prior to moving onto Kherson the city of brides. The story is told that at one time Peter the Great had a large military force stationed in this Black Sea area and to keep his officers happy a recruiting call went out across Russia for the most beautiful single women to be sent to the Ukraine as brides for officers. This rich and diverse genetic pool of the most attractive Russian women is still evident in the area today.

Now enjoy the bonus city of Nikolaev at no extra charge! At the end of the 19th century Nikolaev was one of the biggest trading centers in Russia.

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