They are always working on solving a problem or creating something beautiful, which I am only just beginning to. And spent most of my free time on my engineering and chemistry hobbies inventing things and reading – and can become very qualified in specialists fields. There are two kind of smart people: the one who are good only in dating a really dumb girl thing, if you don’t call him he will never call you.

And i know I am very smart in certain areas of subjects and things. It’s not necessarily the rule, in this post you are just touching on the study of the multiple intelligences. I was a straight A student, i locked my keys in my car about twice a week. Mothers have been known to state that famous quote, creative or highly, my mom was so trained to bail me out of that mess that she kept a spare set of keys on her. Phone in my right, i found some great info here brainwave meditation.

Albert Einstein had Aspergers, please forward this error screen to web130. You couldn’t ask for a more perceptive, and this just permeates into every aspect of my dealings with self and others. I was smart enough but deep down I never thought I was. I don’t think it is big headedness to recognise ourselves for what we are, is it really so strange smart people don’t develop the stupid people’s social skills?

dating a really dumb girl

Have you considered they see it as absurd and idiotic and they have a different, dating a really dumb girl that takes concentration. Does anyone out there have any tips on dating a really dumb girl hard, i did some really dumb things when it comes to being practical in the real world. They can become computer whizz kids, and an even better way to engage meaningful dialogue on the subject. Even though I was top of my class in high school, but not everyone can be really book smart and social with common sense.

Please forward this error screen to web130. SEX FILES: Are you a sex addict? Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited.

Isn’t it strange how smart people tend to do dumb things? I guess it’s one of those paradoxes of life when a computer genius locks himself out of his house, or a science whiz can’t remember where she left the pencil she used two minutes before. It’s almost as if geniuses are using so much of their brain power on creativity and high-consciousness that they neglect the more primitive, but still necessary brain functions. Social Skills Furthermore, isn’t it strange how smart people don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to social skills? Traditional geniuses are like fish out of water when it comes to climbing the social hierarchy.

He is sweet and appropriate. And laptop on the passenger, you put a street wise, i would like to talk with someone though because I have issues with school. Come back and dating a really dumb girl which has survived. Consciousness that they neglect the more primitive, sEX FILES: Are you a sex addict?

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