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dating a psychic medium

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Donna is pleased to announce that she is now offering team building Mindfulness Seminars and Workshops for both in and out of the workplace. In her seminars Donna covers many areas and as well as teaching simple meditation techniques there are fun role plays, exercises, mini readings and healing sessions. Donna uses her unique psychic abilities to help each and every person in the individual way they may need help at that moment in time. Originally a Liverpool girl, I was a stay at home wife with three children for many years.

It wasn’t until I turned 40 that I sensed I was different, I could connect with people on a much deeper level, I could sense things about them and I could reach out to loved ones passed. I discovered I had the gift of mediumship, predicting the future and healing, an ability I didn’t know I possessed for all these years. I feel very blessed and honoured to be doing this work.

I have the aptness to accurately give names and dates in both my readings and shows. So that the client is in no doubt they are talking to their loved ones. The results of my readings have shown that my predictions are, and will continue to be first rate. My soul cleansing and healing is unique to myself as it was given to me by my sprit guides.

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