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dating a jordanian woman

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Jordan is multicultural, but if there’s one thing that unites everybody, it’s mansaf – a rich and plentiful melange of rice, lamb and rehydrated yoghurt. Such is mansaf’s significance and popularity, it’s considered to be the national dish. Yet it has its roots in bedouin culture, and is emblematic of survival and hospitality in the most inhospitable of desert conditions. For the nomadic tribesmen who herded their goats and camels in search of pasture and water amid the harshness of the sands, mansaf was vital.

It would be served on a large platter, and everyone would get a share, especially wayward travellers who had been invited into the bedouin tents as shelter from the unforgiving dunes. Mansaf is eaten at weddings, religious festivals and other special occasions. You can try it any time at many of the traditional restaurants in downtown Amman and beyond.

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