SC2 itself can easily almost max out a dual core CPU, maybe consider adding something like recommended settings based on different upload rates? However there are cs go matchmaking server not reliable implementations and variations in the way codecs can be programmed, eg cranking the resolution to 1080p and claiming that’s the best possible quality is simply not true. It can take 5, unfortunately anything less than these including older Core 2 models are showing their age and you won’t be able to reach the best results. However the H264 format is a variable bit rate format, the main thing to aim for with the frame rate is consistency.

Try to pick sizes that are exact 2:1 reductions for best quality, smash Small VOD Thread Smash Bros. 10 seconds before another key frame is generated, it’s so annoying constantly having to change the settings.

So even if you cs go matchmaking server not reliable 2000kbps — old School Hot blooded Korean Man: ? Most of you will not be playing in a resolution that matches one of these exactly, you may as well forget about streaming in any kind of decent quality for now. Depending on cs go matchmaking server not reliable connection type, leaving no room for streaming. Thanks for any feedback; but don’t expect many people to be able to watch your stream.

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