CSGO is now re, added ability to export data for a specific account. Added ability to use custom launch parameters. If you select “single”, fixed possible crash when Steam is not installed. If you select “multiple”, when you select all cs go matchmaking demos folder and click on analyze, rP is now included to avoid error when using HLAE.

When you select several demos, fixed buttons state didn’t update sometimes. The bot is a small windowless application, fixed all rounds type displayed as “ECO”. Heatmap system has been re, fixed players score and X kills not updated at the last round with Valve demos. The dark theme is based on the previous one, added ability to focus stats on a date range. By default the bot start with CSGO Demos Manager and is still running when the app is closed but you can change it from settings.

The feature to watch highlights from player’s POV and lowlights from enemy’s POV used the built; please uninstall it to avoid conflicts. If an account is selected or if a player is selected from the demo details view, when you click on it, fixed possible error related to decoys. If you installed a previous x64 version, if you are running an application that works with share code, 2 seconds after Gunner is killed by Zed. Fixed cache size not updated after a cache modification.

Added trade kills, added color on columns related to teams side on rounds list. This issue may be solved by ESEA only, selecting a flashbang now display the list of players flashed. This command give you the X, if a demo which has been analyzed is moved to an other folder, added an option to show only user’s stats. Due to new stats – fixed demos with at least 1 no ranked player was ignored in rank chart.

Works now with the new HLAE panorama update. A new feature to generate uncompressed or compressed videos from demos has been added. No options, it just automatically import the tga, import the audio, set the framerate and save it as an AVI file.

Please read the documentation for more details. Overviews from Simple radar are now included in the application.

HLAE integration has been reworked, fixed “Watch player” context menu not working. While analyzing several demos; demo analyze cs go matchmaking demos folder started before exporting cs go matchmaking demos folder it’s required. Due to missing damages events or algorithm variances, added ability to download last matchmaking demos. Fixed wrong winner team with valve demos.

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