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creative headlines for dating profiles

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creative headlines for dating profiles

Our analog parents’ dating preferences were considered a most private of matters. For our digital children, their dating preferences is a wholesale harvesting opportunity for marketing purposes.

How did this terrifying shift come to be? I believe the first big harvester of dating preferences was the innocent-looking site hotornot. 18 years ago, a site that more seemed like the after-hours side work of a frustrated highschooler than a clever marketing ploy.

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It simply allowed people to rate their subjective perceived attractiveness of a photograph, and to upload photographs for such rating. Then the scene exploded, with both user-funded and advertising-funded dating sites, all of which cataloged people’s dating preferences to the smallest detail. The link is safe for work, it’s data and maps in the form of a news story on Inverse, not on Pornhub directly. Do you know anyone who told Pornhub any of that data?

And still, they are able to pinpoint who likes what with quite some precision, precision that comes from somewhere. It’s been reported that Facebook can tell if you’re gay or not with as little as three likes. And they don’t have to be related to dating preferences or lifestyle preferences — they can be any random selections that just map up well with bigger patterns. This is bad enough in itself, on the basis that it’s private data.

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