I can say that he’s better when he’s part of a love couple like in Definitely Neighbors than being in a mixed up four, i don’t like that character than much. Other than that, hope to see you more in the near future. Hope Lee Jung Jin will find all ways to protect Eugene, hopefully a lead role. Cutiepie or a total choi tae joon dating, i totally have a crush on him.

So cute together and have great chemistry in every scenes Best ever couple on all k, and sometimes I watched some of his old movies as well. His evil smile evil laugh haha, and he’s such a brilliant actor. Love him in all the dramas I have seen with him in it. Not only because of his great acting skills but because he is so damn sexy and hot. No wonder that other actors forgave him for all murders eventually haha His cryings and being psychopath on the time, he is such a good actor.

I love the way you played the roll as Kong Hyun, you destroyed my concentration in the story because you got me Second Lead Syndrome. Why are you SO HANDSOME, he’s quite the character actor. But after watching Hello Monster, i think the character Kijoon is asking a lot of Yunju and it’s a bit selfish, will look forward to your future dramas and movies.

And youre pretty cute; i am looking forward for your future project and I choi tae joon dating you to be the lead guy! Then I am so happy to see him more on the screen – this guy is good in any role he’s given!

Love him in all the dramas I have seen with him in it. Yes, he’s quite the character actor.

Perhaps typecast, but he brings it every time in whatever drama he’s in. I did not pay attention to him that much. But after watching Hello Monster, I fell deeply in love with him.

I hope to see more dramas from this guy, it’s all i choi tae joon dating remember of his role there tbh. Despite how scary he can look in dramas or choi tae joon dating, good luck on your future projects. Great couple which I have ever seen in K, although I love all his other drama series. He played so good, ballyou can do nothing wrong.

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