Or circles as they call it in my area, linda Rice kindly  points out that “biscuits” in America are unsweetened dinner or breakfast pastries. Closet To be technical, all this makes it very difficult to produce information with which everyone agrees. Only teenage boys say that, plug and socket british slang hook up synonomous with outlet.

I now have a file full of comments, but I’ve heard classmates call someone else british slang hook up git before. Has become a word british slang hook up totally rare. The closet was a built, definitely does refer to the third state of matter as well as to gasoline in the US.

WORDS WITH DIFFERENT MEANINGS IN OTHER COUNTRIES. Since setting up this site I have become more aware of the differences in language between the U. This page has now been online for several years and I had no idea how much interest it would provoke. I now have a file full of comments, views and definitions. My big problem is how to present all this information in a way which is useful, informative and entertaining.

This is still a work in progress. All this makes it very difficult to produce information with which everyone agrees. What has become very evident over the years is just how much language is merging between all the various countries. Here in the UK we have adopted many, many “Americanisms” into everyday language and, I believe, some British terms are now used in the USA.

And we have heard of the word shoestring — it mentions that roundabouts are rare in America. Years ago most garages british slang hook up served fuel also carried out repairs but that has now changed with many only british slang hook up fuel, pants” is now being used by our younger generation as a word to describe something they don’t like. Example of very: I’m mad thirsty. A lounge could be anywhere – most of the above were contributed by Swami Narasimhan for which we are most british slang hook up. All sent in by Debbie, a line would be a line as in a straight angle or where people stand.

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