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A 13-year-long study has shown that spouses with larger age gaps are less likely to be satisfied in their marriage. Using research from thousands of Australian households, the research found that couples who were closer in age were more in sync on a number of life-changing decisions such as when to have children and spending habits, which make them more compatible in the long run. They also found that husbands and wives who were closer in age were better equipped to overcome crisis together such as sudden economic decline. However, out of those surveyed, the men who were married to younger wives were the happiest. On the other hand, men married to older wives were the least content in their marriages in the long run.

If there is two much of an age gap you run risk of both of you wanting different things in life,” explains dating expert James Preece. One might want to travel while the other has already done that for example. Maturity levels can vary dramatically and arguments about jealousy and money can be common,” he told The Independent. What did surprise researchers was that women who married to older husbands were also deeply unsatisfied whilst those who married younger men were far more content. In spite of this, marriages where both parties were closer in age proved the most successful.

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