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Please forward this error screen to cp1-de1. Please forward this error screen to cp1-de1. It was created in 1994 when the Cape Province was split up. Native speakers of Afrikaans comprise a higher percentage of the population in the Northern Cape than in any other province. It was given in 1997 by one of the language’s last speakers, Ms.

Elsie Vaalbooi of Rietfontein, who has since died. It was South Africa’s first officially registered motto in a Khoisan language. The Northern Cape was one of three provinces made out of the Cape Province in 1994, the others being Western Cape to the south and Eastern Cape to the southeast. The precolonial history of the Northern Cape is reflected in a rich, mainly Stone Age, archaeological heritage. The provincial government consists of a premier, an executive council of ten ministers, and a legislature.

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